• Who is eligible?
    The eligibility criteria are available here.

  • Why should I sign-up to the CERN Alumni Community?
    The CERN Alumni platform will allow members to network within an inclusive and cohesive alumni community composed of CERN Alumni, partners and stakeholders. In addition to offering its members exclusive networking opportunities, it provides them with the possibility to become recognised ambassadors for CERN and fundamental physics.

  • How can I sign up?
    Currently we are collecting expressions of interest via this web page, or alternatively via LinkedIn. We will keep those registered up-to-date with progress leading up to the launch in June 2017.

  • After registering my interest, what should I expect?
    After signing up either via the website or LinkedIn, you will receive an automated response confirming that your request is being processed. Should you not be eligible, you will be informed. If you are eligible, you will be invited to sign-up once the new CERN Alumni platform is up-and-running.

  • As an alumnus/alumna will I be able to access CERN freely?
    If you wish to access the CERN premises you will be required to request access via the Office for Alumni Relations. Access will only be granted for the specific time and date indicated.

  • I am a CERN Staff Member, can I register?
    By definition current CERN Staff Members are not CERN Alumni, however registering one's interest in the programme is not restricted to just alumni. On the new Alumni platform, it will be possible to register as a Staff Member as it will also be possible to change status within the platform: for example, an individual can switch from student to alumunus/a and then to Staff Member if the person is subsequently employed by CERN.

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