HiLumi-FCC innovation course

Jan 31, 2018 09:00 -
Feb 01, 2018 18:00 UTC
IdeaSquare, Route de Meyrin, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland
1 people are attending
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One of the four founding pillars of CERN’s mission is education, and more specifically, the aim to contribute to the education and training of next generation of scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs. Having this in mind, ATS (HiLumi and FCC) in collaboration with the Knowledge Transfer Group and IdeaSquare in IPT Department, offers the opportunity to help to put gained CERN-specific technical knowledge for potential use also outside CERN.

Two places re reserved for CERN Alumni. Click on Join this event to send us a request to attend. We will be back in touch soon.

All information is found at https://indico.cern.ch/event/671099/


Purpose & Aim

The purpose of the Innovation Course is to let students, young graduates and young professionals explore the potential use of their gained knowledge outside the CERN-context and to familiarize them with established innovation practices. The aim is to inspire students/young professionals to think “outside the box” and teach them basic skills how to think like an innovator and an entrepreneur, thus offering them new skills and competences which they may find useful later on in their careers.

Structure of the Course

The Course has two main parts; a general introduction to topics such as Knowledge Transfer opportunities at CERN, Design Thinking-inspired Innovation practices, including a cycle of rapid prototyping (Rasberry P, NI-myRIO, 3D printers etc.) and opportunities for linking academia with industry. The second part involves working in teams on selected application or innovation topics over a period of several weeks, also interacting with other visiting students at IdeaSquare from other fields such as product design, business management and engineering (so-called CBI program). The second part culminates in each team producing a conceptual prototype and presenting it to an invited technical audience at CERN. Participants will receive a diploma following demonstrated participation during the course.


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