Frequently Asked Questions



In case you were wondering...

...Who is eligible and what are the terms and conditions?

The eligibility criteria are available here. Click here for the Terms and Conditions.

...Why should I sign-up to the CERN Alumni Community?


The CERN Alumni platform allows members to network within an inclusive and cohesive alumni community composed of CERN Alumni, partners and stakeholders. In addition to offering its members exclusive networking opportunities, it provides them with the possibility of becoming recognised ambassadors for CERN and fundamental physics.

...How can I sign up?


Send us the request to join. We will check our database and confirm that you are eligible. You will then receive a confirmation email and will be rapidly able to sign up and connect to the platform.

...I am a CERN Staff Member, can I register?


By definition current CERN Staff Members are not CERN Alumni, however registering in the programme is not restricted to just alumni. Upon registration, you will be able to select the subnetwork (Alumni, Members of Personnel, Friends of CERN) which corresponds to your current status and it is also possible to change status if it evolves over the years: for example, an individual can switch from student to alumnus/a and then to Members of Personnel if the person is subsequently employed by CERN.

...As an alumnus/alumna will I be able to access CERN freely?


If you wish to access the CERN premises you will be required to request access via the Office for Alumni Relations. Access will only be granted for the specific time and date indicated. See the Benefits page for further information.

...Which browser do I need to use?
You may use Chrome (Webkit), Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 17+,Firefox Tablet 14+,Opera 12+ and Microsoft Edge. For a better user experience we recommend that you use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11+, and / Firefox 18+.



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