“To think well and to consent to obey someone giving good advice are the same thing.”

Fully in line with this pearl of wisdom from the ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, we are proud to present the CERN Alumni Advisory Board, also known as CAAB.

Why an advisory board? 

From the early stages of designing the Alumni Programme, much thought was dedicated to setting up an effective governance that could also feed inspiration and ideas into the development of the network, the ultimate goals being that it would shape the CERN Alumni programme to serve its members in the best way possible and help CERN achieve its strategic priorities.
In addition to the CERN Office for Alumni Relations, hosted within the International Relations Sector, the need for an advisory board mostly composed of CERN Alumni who would provide non-binding strategic advice to CERN’s management very quickly became apparent. 
Soon after the launch of the CERN Alumni Network, in June 2017, the Mandate and Terms of Reference of the CERN Alumni Advisory Board were established by the Director-General so that the Committee could provide input, experience and strategic guidance to the CERN Alumni Programme.
From the point of view of the Alumni Relations team, the CAAB also serves as a safe-harbour where new ideas and strategies for the Programme can be road-tested before being rolled out to you, our members.

Reflecting the community

The Director-General considered it highly important that CAAB members should reflect the diversity of the CERN Alumni population. A ratio of former Employed Members of Personnel to former Associated Members of the Personnel serving in the CAAB shall, in so far as possible be maintained at 1:2, so as to better reflect the make- up of the CERN Alumni Community. To make sure that best practices in the field are applied, the CAAB also includes a professional in alumni relations.  We invite you to get to know all 8 board members at 'The CERN Alumni Advisory Board'
We are truly honoured that the CAAB members, all busy people with extraordinary careers, are able to dedicate time to grow and nurture the CERN Alumni Network.  One CAAB member travels all the way from Japan and another one from the United States to take part in the annual meetings. Whilst the other CAAB members are based somewhat closer to CERN, although London and Stockholm are not in the “bassin Genevois”, their dedication and motivation to shape the programme is unparalleled. 

Savvy recommendations

The CAAB has made several valuable recommendations, now fully incorporated in our three-year rolling roadmap, such as the use of focus groups to determine better the needs of our Alumni, integrating more video stories, active support to the creation of regional groups, and many others. 
These are just a sample of some of the excellent recommendations made by our incredibly dedicated CERN Alumni Advisory Board, who are shaping the Programme to work better to meet your needs and expectations. 

Watch the CAAB video at https://videos.cern.ch/record/2671740 to find out what they themselves say about the Network! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please write to the Board at alumni.board@cern.ch.

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