CERN Relay race and moving from Physics to Data Science

In case you've missed the CERN Alumni weekly digest, here is what we shared with you on Sunday 26 May 2019:

Once again in our favorite symmetry magazine, the joint Fermilab/SLAC publication,  an enlightening exploration, with four CERN Alumni, of how to move from physics to data science, and the possibilities available out there of challenging and exciting careers. Have a read! 


It’s May and that that can only mean one thing at CERN. Yes! The CERN Relay Race. A record number of teams (171) took part in main race and were joined by 47 Nordic walkers and even some children from the CERN Jardin des Particules - the kindergarten - who, for the first time, took part in the event. Does this video *) stoke up some memories for you? 

*) Courtesy of our colleagues from the CERN Audiovisual Production Service

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