Early Career Researchers and their projects on medical applications, plus only 3 weeks left to apply for the ATLAS PhD Grant!

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This week, we'd like to share an upcoming event with you, for which there will be a live webcast.
Our colleagues in Knowledge Transfer are organising a seminar on medical applications, where you will discover how technological advances for high-energy physics have become essential tools for modern medicine.
The series of short talks is given by Early-Career Researchers working on projects related to diverse medical applications that arise from technology developed at CERN and in high-energy physics. They will focus in particular on hadron therapy and PET imaging.
We caught up with one of the speakers Vittorio Bencini today who told us,“Redesigning the footprint of linear accelerators to fit better into hospital facilities could represent a great improvement in their employment for carbon ion therapy.”
Tune in for more on 20 June at 16:00 CET


Just three weeks left to apply for the ATLAS PhD Grant!
CERN Alumni, please share with any potential candidates you might know.
PhD students in particle physics, research and computing for physics worldwide are encouraged to apply for this scheme which offers students a unique opportunity to work under the supervision and training of ATLAS collaboration experts.


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