You met Claude Gelès in the video spotlight we published in June last year. 

If one alumnus particularly illustrates the High-Energy network, this is Claude.  An experienced pilot, our senior alumnus who retired 2001 is these days piloting a transatlantic flight ( two places) to attend the Oshkosh convention.

You may follow his flight,  N111RC  with 

We met Claude on the day before his departure and he shared his enthusiasm with us:

"I leave tomorrow afternoon for Merville or Le Touquet to go through customs and then a fuel stop in Wick,Scotland. Then it will be Iceland, Greenland, the Baffin peninsula at Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit), Labrador at Goose Bay and after another undefined stopover, Toronto and Buffalo for US customs. From 21 to 28, I will be at the Oshkosh Airshow, the Mecca of aviation (listen on Google Oshkosh Control Tower!!!)  dozens of planes per minute. There will be an excusrion in New York to pick up some friends. Around Manhattan along the Hudson Corridor and back by the East River before landing in Teterboro. Return to Oshkosh and departure on the 28th for Europe. The route is not yet fixed and will depend on the weather. See you soon on our lines!"

Got it Claude, be sure we will follow you!


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