Weekly News: Passionate about teaching physics.

Sep 02, 2019

In case you missed this Sunday's Weekly Digest, you can find a fascinating interview with physics high-school teacher Moisés López Caeiro: https://alumni.cern/users/3192717. Read, first-hand from Moisés the profound impact such programmes have on both the content of his teaching and his pupils’ learning: https://alumni.cern/news/211862

They say you should never stop learning. Networking with CERN Alumni is a great way to learn. If you are in Geneva on Friday 13 Sept, why not join the informal “Meet and Greet” with Dr Jan Urbahn https://alumni.cern/users/2342751, who will share his professional experience and exchange about careers in physics (outside of academia). Sign up here: https://alumni.cern/networks/events/21990

And finally, if you are looking for the most up-to-date facts and figures about CERN (in which the CERN Alumni Network features prominently) the CERN Annual Report is for you. Get it here: https://e-publishing.cern.ch/index.php/Annual_Report/article/view/901/714

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