Open Days are a special time for sharing, and are exciting for visitors and volunteers. 75 000 people attended this weekend's event and took part in hundreds of activities and visits organised at nine sites and nearly 160 visit points.

In the information and activity tents, on the car parks, roads and visit points, nearly 3000 of you welcomed them, guided them, informed them and shared your knowledge and passion with them. Open Days are a huge task before, during and after the event. Many activities were developed for participants to learn while having fun, some of them also meant to surprise. Several spaces had to be designed and secured. The smiles of the visitors and their enthusiastic comments are a great reward.

Find several collections of photos of the Open Days on CDS.

Find the comments of volunteers and visitors on Twitter here and their pictures on Instagram here

Images: Maximilien Brice, Anna Chrul, Samuel Hertzog, Julien Ordan, Fons Rademakers and Didier Steyaert

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