Today, CERN welcomes the Republic of Croatia as an Associate Member State, following receipt of official notification that Croatia has completed its internal approval procedures in respect of the Agreement, signed on 28 February 2019, granting that status to the country.

Scientists and researchers from Croatia have contributed to many experiments at CERN for almost four decades. A Cooperation Agreement concluded between CERN and Croatia in 2001 increased the country’s participation in CERN’s research and educational programmes. Croatia applied for Associate Membership in May 2014.

As an Associate Member State, Croatia will have a seat in the CERN Council and be entitled to attend meetings of the Finance Committee and the Scientific Policy Committee. Nationals of Croatia will be eligible to apply for limited-duration positions as staff members and fellows. Firms offering goods and services originating from Croatia will be entitled to bid for CERN contracts, opening up opportunities for industrial collaboration in advanced technologies.

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