Weekly News: CERN Alumni Open Up their Companies for a Visit

Cyril Kharoua, CERN alumnus, was a panellist at our “Moving Out of Academia to Industrial Engineering” event in February and presented his company DAES (Development of Advanced Engineering Solutions). He opened up his company doors to us in Geneva and and we placed the spotlight on him and the several CERN alumni that DAES employs, including Project Engineer Roberto Rocca. Meet them at: https://videos.cern.ch/record/2701986. DAES is currently recruiting, find their opportunities and many others at https://alumni.cern/opportunities.

Last week, the

Last week the LHC Collaborations Career Networking event brought together 200 participants, all eager to hear from the eight CERN Alumni panellists and how they managed to move into exciting careers after a PhD at CERN. If you missed the webcast you can still find their presentations here: https://indico.cern.ch/event/843605/timetable/#20191119.detailed .

The 2019 State of European Tech report - the largest and most comprehensive dataset on European tech out there – is available from https://2019.stateofeuropeantech.com/chapter/key-findings/. A great interactive source of data for all of you interested in the status and trends of European Tech.

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