It's the 8th December and today we are sharing the benefit of alumni being able to come back and volunteer at fabulous CERN events, such as the Open Days!

Share your support for CERN's Mission and become a volunteer for CERN events!

CERN Alumna Sue Foffano, (pictured below on the right) volunteered at the CERN Open Days September 2019, she shared her thoughts with us,

" I worked as Information agent for both days at the Data Center, advising people what to do, where to go, answering their questions and generally exchanging with them. Some were surprised that a retiree was motivated to return and asked if I got paid :-) Of course I told them no, and that for me it was totally natural as CERN was such a fantastic place to work I was happy to have the opportunity to return and contribute."

Find out more about how you can be more involved here:

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