Weekly News: Lego saves the day for NA61/SHINE and more!

If you didn't catch this weekend's digest then you will have missed how one NA61/SHINE scientist turned to his toy box to design a device to study the building blocks of the universe! : https://home.cern/news/news/experiments/using-lego-study-building-blocks-universe

Did you know that an experience at CERN can lead you to a position with Europe's Union of Football Associations? All is revealed, along with a lot more in last Friday's linkedin live : http://cern.ch/go/6K9s

Finally, for those of you with a keen interest in entrepreneurship, why not join the CERN Alumni New York and Entrepreneurship groups for their event on 25 Feb 18.00 EST:https://alumni.cern/networks/events/30127

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