Weekly News: Nimble Communications in times of Crisis, Supporting You from Home and KT 2019 Highlights!

In case you missed yesterday's digest, here's the latest news from the CERN Alumni Network!

As is most likely the case for many of you, the CERN alumni team has been teleworking since Monday ( see us #togetherathome below) . We are fully equipped and eager to continue supporting our valued members of the network, so reach out to us with your ideas, questions, requests and your stories!

The current exceptional situation which we are all facing reminded us of a great presentation made by CERN Alumni Texas group manager and CERN Alumni Advisory Board Member Pedro Paul Alvarez [https://alumni.cern/users/706870] at CERN, for our First Alumni Collisions in 2018. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck just before the World Corporate Games, for which Pedro Paul was working as Communication and Partnership Manager, were due to take place.  Pedro Paul and his team saw circumstances change dramatically in a question of hours. Find out how events unrolled, how nimble communications were essential in time of crisis and the lessons learnt here: https://youtu.be/bw_K3DPnPbU

Should any of you be seeking consultancy from a communications expert with a proven track record of successful communication in time of crisis, don’t hesitate to reach out to fellow CERN Alumnus Pedro Paul here:  https://alumni.cern/opportunities?p=true&business_opportunities_request=50421

Finally, we might all find ourselves with a little more time on our hands at the moment, in which case we highly recommend you take a look at the CERN Knowledge Transfer 2019 Highlights: https://kt.cern/sites/knowledgetransfer.web.cern.ch/files/file-uploads/annual-report/knowledge-transfer-highlights-2019.pdf

Alumni Relations Team teleworking

Pedro Paul Alvarez helping out during Hurricanes Harvey & Irma, second from left in top picture 

Key figures for CERN Knowledge in 2019

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