Weekly News: Thrust into the Arena of Top-Ranking Physicists

In case you didn't read this week's digest, see what you missed here: Alessandro Pasta, https://alumni.cern/users/1944825 , found himself thrust into the arena of top-ranking physicists when he first came to CERN as a summer student. Alessandro’s passion for physics was sparked by his mentor Professor Eilam Gross. Alessandro’s career took a different trajectory, find out which, here: https://alumni.cern/news/269645 
You can also view Professor Eilam Gross’s CERN Academic training lectures, amongst others here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6583_bOAHxafv62jbHBnpRAR1DjrJ30T 

Cast your minds back to 30 March 2010. How many of you can remember what momentous event took place? If you cannot recall, put yourselves out of your current confinement misery by taking a look at this video: https://youtu.be/cnJvpbLp4p8 

Finally, here is our second tip in the series on coping with confinement and in particular for those with kids. How to keep them busy, whilst learning, shared by our colleague Marzena Lapka. Download the CMS activity book at http://cern.ch/go/9C7g 

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