Doctors, retail workers, and many, many more people are working very hard to help each and every one of us during these difficult times. And they should get all the recognition they deserve. So, to honor their efforts, artist Dustin Rogers (aka dustinteractive) from Columbus, Ohio, created a comic. The strip strikes a perfect balance between humor and compassion, and no wonder it went viral:


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Do you want to contribute fighting against Coronavirus? Bravo! Have a look at this hackaton...


  • 48 hours. You and potentially 8 million others. The Covid-19 crisis in Switzerland. In Europe. Worldwide. We stick together. We find solutions! Join us with your skills to take on the challenge now - no matter what your background is. Together we are strong!



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  • Mitigating Unwanted Biases with Adversarial Learning - Often we read about biases in training data for deep learning which then leads to unfairness in the trained algorithms. We have found an interesting article about using adversarial learning to remove biases in datasets:


  • Ursula Kroeber Le Guin (1929–2018) was a major American science fiction and fantasy author. She is best known for her Earthsea novels for young adults and her Hainish Cycle of science fiction novels about various planets with humanoid inhabitants seeded from the same genetic stock but with differing societies (and sometimes evolved or deliberately altered biologies). Her leading characters are often social scientists, particularly anthropologists. I recommend tthe short novel "The Wild Girls":



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  • The life of two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie unfolds as she confronts personal tragedies and overcomes social barriers in the world of science. Available in Netflix:




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