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  • The Lonely City, “What does it feel like to be lonely?”
    The article and the book

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  • Covid-19 germ experiment
  • Animal Webcam  to relax: eagles, sharks, pandas, but also just chicken!



  • A CERN Post Career Break Fellowship programme to support people who have taken some time off working for personal reasons, and who wish to return to a scientific career – full-time or part-time.


  • CERN can provide some support if you feel isolated and need it.
    Detailed anti-isolation support provided by HR can be found in the leaflet on this link.
    Further, you can contact the helpline COVID-19 at +41 22 766 77 77 or the Medical Service at +41 22 767 31 86 / medical.service@cern.ch, or get support from the CERN psychologist, Christiane Reis.



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