Weekly News: COVID-19 Task force getting down to business, a call for partners and Ocean's Breath!

This week's digest gave you updates on the progress of the COVID-19 CERN task force, you can find our more in this video:  https://youtu.be/L11ty-yQ05Y  the Organization, amongst other endeavours, has turned its chemical laboratories and mechanical workshops to the task of producing protective equipment to support local efforts to combat COVID-19.

Please do take a look at the Science Responds initiative which was brought to our attention by CERN alumna Savannah Thais [https://science-responds.org/] They run a daily meeting with invited speakers in various research areas and round table discussions. Why not check it out?

This spirit of collaboration and using science as a vehicle to support society does not wane after a CERN professional experience. CERN Alumnus, Prof Anthony Butler, Chief Medical Officer of MARS Bioimaging Ltd,  is seeking partners to enable better drug development and therapy monitoring for COVID-19 and other lung diseases: https://kt.cern/article/mars-bioimaging-seeking-partners-better-enable-drug-development-and-therapy-monitoring-covid. If you have access to, or are capable of, developing disease models like and/or Covid please contact Anthony via email at anthony.butler@marsbioimaging.com

In the same vein and on the theme of science for good, CERN Alumna, Grace C Young’s “Ocean's Breath” film will broadcast on Earth Day (April 22, UK time 23:00). Described as , “An eye-opening journey through the past, the present and future of coral reefs, searching for solutions that will help save these ancient creatures from extinction.” https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/television-schedule#schedule=ngc/04/22/2020

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