Siouxsie Wiles is a British microbiologist and science Communicator. Her specialist areas are infectious diseases and bioluminescence.

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  • Six ways to juggle science and childcare from home

In the face of COVID-19 restrictions on daily life, scientist-parents describe their efforts to balance family and work duties.



  • Does Covid-19 Hit Women and Men Differently? U.S. Isn’t Keeping Track

Data from other countries shows that more men are dying from the virus than women — a discrepancy that should inform the response and vaccine research in the U.S. But it isn’t.


  • Women bear brunt of coronavirus economic shutdown in UK and US

New data shows women and people who did not go to university are more likely to have lost work and earnings since mid-March.



  • Jennifer Claire Curtin is a Professor of Politics at the University of Auckland. Check her interview in this DW report “Is female leadership superior?”

And more on this topic: The secret weapon in the fight against coronavirus: women



  • The Secret to Germany’s COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist

The chancellor’s rigor in collating information, her honesty in stating what is not yet known, and her composure are paying off.



  • Listen to Naomi Klein on Coronavirus Capitalism — and How to Beat It Also, do not miss this conversation between Naomi Klein and Angela Davis on Movement building in the time of the coronavirus crisis.



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  • The quantum poet

Amy Catanzano bridges the worlds of poetry and science



  • Oscar & Zoe

These two best friends will make you smile, laugh and warm your heart all while helping you discuss with your students/children the digital world we live in.



  • Les femmes sont-elles des hommes comme les autres?

Féminin / Masculin : mythes et idéologies de la préhistoire aux jouets



  • Crazy ex-girlfriend

Lively musical numbers and a refreshing, energetic lead, Rachel Bloom, make Crazy Ex-Girlfriend a charming, eccentric commentary on human relationships. 4 Seasons. Available in Netflix. Read more on:



  • Defi technologique pour tout le monde!

Tu t'intéresses à la technologie? Alors, montre-le nous! Teste tes connaissances et gagne de superbes prix.

            Résous des missions passionnantes autour de la technologie et de la science dans 8 situations de la vie quotidienne. Réponds à 26 questions et participe au tirage au sort pour gagner un iPhone 11, des AirPods et de nombreux autres prix. Cela ne te             prendra pas plus de 30 minutes.

  • Devenez mentor!

Les mentors de Swiss TecLadies sont des femmes engagées dans la technique et les sciences. Si vous etes interesses en devenir mentor de jeunes filles âgées de 13 à 16 ans pendant neuf mois (de septembre 2020 à juin 2021), inscri-vez vous sur:


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