How is the charge mentale going during Coronavirus Crisis? Is it better or worse? Check French Cartoonist Emma to know more about it and what it is.énagère and



  • Working mothers do bulk of childcare and housework under lockdown, says new study

Working parents locked down because of the pandemic do not share childcare and housework duties equally, with mothers doing most of the work, a new study has found.


  • Women's domestic burden just got heavier with the coronavirus

The bulk of household chores in heterosexual couples is already borne by women – a situation exacerbated by the huge dislocations of the pandemic


  • I Used to Hide My Kids From Colleagues. Now They’re Fully in the Zoom

Check this interesting reflection on how coronavirus crisis has led us to be more transparent about our parenthood in the professional context.



The first band in the web, Michele de Gennaro, Colette Marx-Neilsen, Angela Higney y Lynn Veronneau present The Lockdown Song, a pop song where they tell us about their experience during lockdown in four different corners of the world.


  • Technical Leadership and Glue work by Tanya Reilly

Tanya Reilly Tanya Reilly is a Principal Software Engineer at Squarespace working on infrastructure and site reliability. Before Squarespace she spent 12 years in Site Reliability Engineering at Google. She is originally from Ireland, but is now an enthusiastic New Yorker. She blogs at In this talk she talks about Glue work, how to allocate it deliberately, frame it usefully and make sure that everyone is choosing a career path they actually want to be on.



  • Primera Persona Festival (free) – 30th May at 18h00

The Primera Persona festival, which has been running for eight years, is a meeting of creators from various artistic disciplines who base their work on their own life experiences.


New Yorker journalist Jia Tolentino, in conversation with the journalist Noelia Ramírez about privacy, exposure and internet, and writer and novelist Rachel Cusk, who’ll be talking about marital and sentimental ruins with the journalist Anna Guitart.



  • Housework and childcare during the lockdown

How many times did your children show up in the last meeting with your boss? Are you hanging a threatening “No Entry” notice with a death skull and crossbones at the door of your improvised home office? How many times did you cook dinner this week? And your partner?


If you want to share how you are living the lockdown in terms of housework and childcare, we have just started a new thread in Discourse:


  • Female numbers at CERN

Personnel Statistics 2019 are out:, please, have a look if you are interested in female numbers or flexible working and do not hesitate to share your thoughts and comments in the ongoing discussion:


  • Not technical enough

The talk by Tanya Reilly mentioned above, was posted in DISCOURSE on the topic “Not technical enough”. Please, do not hesitate to add to the discussion if you have also experienced this or have tips to share with your colleagues.



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