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Communicating Your Support for #BlackLivesMatter: Dos, Don’ts, and Resources: advises from 500WomenScientists



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Angela Davis: ‘This moment holds possibilities for change we have never before experienced'


And a historical document on the time when she was in prison:


In particular, Angela David makes a historical context analysis of what it is happening here:



Europe seeks own response to Black Lives Matter



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Racism in science and society: Angela Saini in conversation


17 June 2020 at 4 PM CEST


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“Intellectual racism has always existed [...] [I]t is still the toxic little seed at the heart of academia. However dead you might think it is, it needs only a little water, and now it’s raining.” -- Angela Saini in "Superior: The Return of Race Science"


In the wake of the global uprising against anti-Black, racist police violence--sparked by the killing of Black Americans George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others--the urgency to address structural racism in our institutions has reached new heights. But to really confront systemic racism in academia and society, we need to ask some very basic questions. What really *is* the concept of race? What are its origins in the sciences? Why do so many people still think that "race" has a valid biological or genetic basis, even though research and history show it does not? And how can we deconstruct these assumptions to dismantle white supremacy in academia and society at large?


Join us for a conversation with science journalist Angela Saini, author of 2019's "Superior: The Return of Race Science".


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GREVE FEMINISTE (14.06.2020)



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