A stimulating and challenging experience

Stefano Marinaci

At CERN: 2014 Summer Student
Today: Ph.D. student working on a research project in collaboration with INTEL Corporation.

OAR: When did you come to CERN as a Summer Student and what did you work on?

Stefano: I came to CERN during the summer of 2014 for a 3-month internship, working in a multicultural team and assisting my supervisor in implementing a new feature of parallel computing in Proof, a facility of ROOT. I was positively impressed by my time at CERN and I really enjoyed the internship period. It was a formidable experience.

OAR: What is your best memory of working at CERN?

Stefano: I have many awesome memories during my summer at CERN, and what I recall with surprise and amusement is the simplicity of cooperating with people coming from places all over the world, with different habits and cultures in a friendly context trying to pursue a common goal.

OAR: What are you currently doing and where are you located?

Stefano: I am a young engineer at the beginning of my career with a multidisciplinary background. Currently, I am a third-year Ph.D. student working on a research project in collaboration with INTEL Corporation.

OAR: What skills did you develop during your CERN Summer Student experience that have been particularly useful in your subsequent career trajectory?

Stefano: Working at CERN can be really challenging and stimulating at the same time. Every day new issues need to be addressed, in this context you have the chance to learn something new not always strictly related to your job. What I consider a great skill is always keeping a resilient attitude and an open mind to what surrounds you.

OAR: What skills did you need to develop further when you left CERN to face your next challenge?
Stefano: I learned to be patient and that good results take time to come reach.

OAR: Would you recommend the CERN Summer Student programme to other people?
Stefano: The Summer Student Programme is a once in a lifetime experience and I really recommend it to everyone who likes challenges and wants to experience a very formative and stimulating summer meeting people from all over the world.

OAR: What advice would you give your younger self?
Stefano: "However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up" - S. Hawking!

OAR: Do you still follow up on what’s going on at CERN?
Stefano: I am really interested in what's going on at CERN. I hope to have the chance to be part of this awesome endeavour in a future job position.

OAR: In your opinion, what is the unique value of the CERN Alumni Network?
Stefano: The CERN Alumni Network helps people to keep updated on what happens at CERN, it also gives you the chance to create a network with people you knew at CERN, to keep in touch with them and to understand how their professional lives evolve.

OAR: What is your proudest achievement?
Stefano: I am very proud to get a doctoral scholarship and to win a Best Student Paper Award at the ICICDT 2018 in Otranto (Lecce, Italy).

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