Nidhal, enjoy the beauty of the Alps
CERN alumnus: Nidhal Bouguatef
At CERN: 2019 Summer Student
Today:Java full stack engineer

OAR: When did you come to CERN as a Summer Student and what did you work on?
Nidhal : It is almost a year since I came to CERN, but still feels like it was yesterday. During the 2 months’ internship, I worked on a web display for the ATLAS project. It centred on developing a prototype for the trigger configuration tool, and creating web-displays to explore the content of the JSON files.

OAR: What is your best memory of working at CERN?
Nidhal : It is hard to choose the best one since I had many great moments there. During almost every weekend, I visited several nice places in Switzerland with other summer students, We also played a lot of football, spent time near the lake in Geneva and had some nice moments in R1. I also participated in the web fest; it was a highly enriching experience too.

NIdal, left, visiting the region with fellow summer students

OAR: What are you currently doing and where are you located?
Nidhal :
Currently, I am in Tunisia working as a remote Java full stack engineer for a start-up in France. This is a 6 months internship, which is a mandatory part of my studies, and I will be graduating by the end of this year.

OAR: What skills did you develop during your CERN Summer Student experience which have been particularly useful in your subsequent career trajectory?
Nidhal: During my summer student experience, I worked and applied some of the technologies that I had learned while studying, like JavaScript. Also, I had some meetings with the ATLAS software team, during which I learned more about their working methodology. I enjoyed the enriching conversations, which were also a great opportunity to develop my communicational, and presentation skills too.

OAR: What skills did you need to develop further when you left CERN to face your next challenge?
Nidhal : Currently, I am learning more about web development frameworks related to Java and JavaScript. These are examples of the essential hard skills that I enjoy and need for the future.

OAR: Would you recommend the CERN Summer Student programme to other people?
Nidhal : Definitely!!! This is a unique, life-changing experience that will have a big impact on your career. I do not want to say anymore and reveal what one might experience during this programme. I would say go for it and the enjoy every second!!

Summer students 2019 - Nidhal (back row, first right) 

OAR: What advice would you give your younger self?
Nidhal : Dream, Dream and Dream! This will allow you to go beyond your limits and achieve more. You should always aim high and seek bigger goals. You may face some hard challenges but those will make you stronger and help you grow. Therefore, while facing them never ever give up, that's the opportunity that will reveal the greatest version of you.
All you need to do is "Listen, Learn and Share”. These values are essentials for your self-development and will make you enjoy every second of this beautiful life!

OAR: Do you still follow up on what is going on at CERN?
Nidhal : Yes, I check the pages on LinkedIn and Facebook . Also, I'm always up-to-date through the Cern Alumni activity digest emails.

OAR: In your opinion, what is the unique value of the CERN Alumni Network?
Nidhal : When I left CERN, it was a physical not a mental departure. Initially I thought that was the end of the experience, but through and thanks to the CERN Alumni network, I can explore everything related to CERN and benefit from the valuable connections. Also, the alumni platform hosts plenty of opportunities, such as job offers, webinars and events...
So, I would say that CERN alumni network enables you to maintain your links with CERN.

OAR: What is your proudest achievement?
Nidhal : Getting my high school diploma with upper honours. That was the first time I had set a professional goal in my life and worked extremely hard to achieve it. It was a journey where I discovered more about myself and explored my real capabilities. I achieved better results than I initially expected. Now, I'm still working to achieve more.


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