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This week we have the big news on the street names in Geneva, some reading on the gender pay gap and women vs covid, a special training on CERN accelerators.. and much more! Enjoy!

On the "cover"

  • Do you remember the initiative 100Elles* in Geneva?
  • Well, the City of Geneva, with the support of the State Council, intends to change the names of 16 streets, squares, parks and footpaths within the municipal territory!
  • Read who they are: the first swiss female engineer, the first female Mayor of Geneva, a museum director and ethnologist, the philanthropist behind the Save the Children association ...


Gender pay gap:

  • A UN study which reveals that 2 in 3 male respondents think women should be paid the same as men for doing the same job
  • An economist explains
  • Kids have their own opinions on the topic

Women vs covid-19:

Other interesting articles:

  • Six women issues explained with emoji :-):-\:-):-\
  • From 2021 the Barlinale will have gender-neutral performance awards. Is it the future for Hollywood?
  • 8 Pioneering Black Women in STEM
  • Girls who play video games are three times more likely to choose PSTEM
  • Sport and menstrual cycle: a new study which says that we need more studies.
  • All-women WordPress 5.6 release team: the goal, the plan and one man’s unsolicited opinion.

Take part

  • Special training session on CERN accelerators!
    Full name: Accelerators Explained for Everyone - without Maths
    Short description: Overview of how to accelerate particles, what it means "injection and extraction of particles", the CERN accelerator complex and how to share the beam between the LHC and all the other experiments.
    Register here
    Indico page with slides:

  • WIT new discourse!
    Topic: "Share your Maternity/Paternity experience"
    Imagine either a young man or woman working at CERN or in another university without a permanent contract and wanting to start a family. In particular they are grappling with when would be the ‘best time’ to do so. What was your experience? What is your advice? When is the best time to take such a decision?
    Share your experience (good or bad) with us!

    Click here!

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