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We thought it could be interesting to share there more material about WIT community life at CERN and inspire our subscribers to apply or even just to visit CERN. If you would like to share something interesting from your daily life at CERN, please just add a hashtag #witatcern or just tag us (@wit.at.cern) and we will repost it.

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Links to check

Knowing "Cernies": wonderful stories about CERN community

No Web Without Women:

New technologies - Fermilab quantum computer:

#EqualPay in football

BuzzFeed had three male volunteers agree to experience physical periods for an entire week (super funny!).

Tour de France

The tour de France started, but it’s a male-only race!

In the summer of 2015 a unique event called Donnons des Elles au Velo J-1 (https://www.donnonsdeselles.net/accueil) was created.

Three French women rode one day ahead of the male pro peloton in the most famous bike race in the world. Their aim was to raise awareness for gender equality in cycling and to campaign for women's tours to be held alongside the men’s.

This was set up to raise awareness:

In 2020, the InternationElles will once again cycle alongside the Donnon des Elles au Velo team continuing to build on the momentum.

WIT Discourse Forum

Maternity-paternity experience at CERN:

Job offers

Open Doctoral Student Position at RWTH Aachen University
https://cms-talk.web.cern.ch/t/open-doctoral-student-position-at-rwth-aachen-university/990 (text below in case you couldn't access link)

"The doctoral research focuses on searches for Dark Matter in the framework of SUSY signatures with leptons in the final state with the forthcoming data of the CMS Experiment. Methods of machine learning will be applied in the analysis.

Successful applicants should hold a Master’s degree in physics obtained with excellent grades. It should be awarded on the basis of a written thesis following at least half a year of research.

We offer a 3-year doctoral research position with exceptional high salary (75% TV-L E13).

The application should contain a CV, a summary of the candidate’s Master (or Diploma) thesis, copies of grade transcripts and degree certificates and be submitted to Prof. Kerstin Borras kerstin.borras@desy.de
The candidates should organize two reference letters to be sent separately to the same email. The deadline for applications is Sep 21st, 2020.

We aim to increase the number of women in research and explicitly encourage and welcome women to apply. Equally qualified women applicants will receive preference in the application process. Qualified disabled candidates or applicants with equivalent status will receive preference in the application process."



Training  for fellows "Springboard to the Future":

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