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Two stories hit the headlines recently in France where woman have been asked to cover up:

Paris Museum refuses entry to a woman in a ‘low-cut dress’:

On a beach in Sainte-Marie-La-Mer:


And if you do cover-up, what’s the sinister story behind the Levis and Wrangler jeans we wear?


Reversing systemic bias :

In science:

From the BBC Science in Action series, how about reversing systemic bias against women scientists?


At the movies:
The Oscars reveal new diversity requirements for best picture nominees, but are they far reaching enough?:



Call it out!

Further proof that action is required. One of the WIT steering committee members picked up this book about ‘Great Inventors’ in her local library. Out of the featured inventors, only one is female and happens to be the woman credited with inventing,… the Barbie Doll. Maria remonstrated with the male librarian that this reinforces stereotyping and unconscious bias,.. Let’s all call it out when we find such examples!




Watch and participate:

This weekend, join 500 Women Scientists for a free virtual screening of the documentary “Picture a Scientist” (Sep 12-13), along with a panel discussion webinar (Sep 12) and a Wiki-Edit-a-thon (Sep 13).   


How to achieve gender equality at work,.. a one minute round-up of what should be done,…


And finally, a literary storm in France, « Moi les hommes, je les déteste »
An interview with Pauline Harmange, author of ‘I Hate Men’:

And a man’s opinion on the polemic from the podcast “Mansplaining”:


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