Example of a start-up with the support of CERN’s Knowledge Transfer Group

What are the possible careers after CERN? When looking at the growing CERN Alumni community, we find several entrepreneurs who have created their own career as a start-up founder. These entrepreneurs sometimes, but not necessarily, attempt to solve some so far, unmet needs in society, often building on knowledge and expertise gained while working at CERN.

One CERN Alumni entrepreneur is Valentina Venturi. Valentina worked at CERN for 8 years finishing her PhD in Mechanical Engineering.  Valentina is a passionate sailor and was the President of the Yatching Club at CERN. Now, when her time at CERN finished, she followed her passion and founded her own start-up SMark - producing modular buoy for regattas. She has now developed a working prototype that uses GPS and two electric motors to automatically move the buoy and hold its position, reducing time spent on moving the buoys that normally are set by an anchor. 

Prior to launching her start-up, Valentina worked as a consultant for the start-up team in the CERN Knowledge Transfer group, supporting people at CERN with start-up ideas. The start-up team at CERN offers lectures and mentoring for those interested in entrepreneurship, and hosts bi-weekly entrepreneurship meet-ups. The Meet-Ups are open to all, and cover topics such as business planning, sales, IP strategy and pitching. The team also offers mentoring for people with a start-up idea, preparing the start-up founders to launch their business. This support is a natural part of CERN KT’s mission to maximise the positive global impact of CERN on society.

Similar to many other start-up founders, Valentina is a member of the CERN Alumni network. The network offers an interest group for people curious about entrepreneurship and welcomes all members eager to share their experience, ideas and questions related to the world of start-ups. The CERN Alumni Entrepreneurship group hosts events to expand the network of CERN Alumni entrepreneurs, and the alumni.cern  platform is a great place to advertise your start-up by publishing it at any stage of funding. Joining the CERN Alumni network is a great opportunity to connect with people who have followed a similar career path, share experiences and learn from each other, and perhaps also recruit new team members for your start-up.

Are you curious to learn more about entrepreneurship at CERN? Join the next CERN Entrepreneurship Meet-Ups, sign up for the CERN Alumni Entrepreneurship interest group, or get in touch with the start-up team at CERN.

Edited on 9 December 2020

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