Read & Listen

  • Do you want to win a Nobel Prize? Well, hear some stories and food for thought.
  • Is there a unique, identifiable facial expression representing flirting—and if there is, what does it convey, and how effective is it? The article, the summary and an opinion we share.
  • A podcast on women's equality vs Covid-19 and an interesting tracker
  • Meet Élisabeth Moreno! The French Minister in charge of Equality between Women and Men, Diversity and Equal Opportunities.
  • A good read from the London Review of Books
  • Have you ever tried to make a joke during your presentation? If you are a man, helps. If you are a woman, hurts.

Life at CERN

  • Bored of the usual CERN lanyard? Get the new one celebrating diversity and inclusion @CERN!
  • CERN people: the story of a photographer that we know well and the our-people website full of interesting profiles
  • The Ombuds blog on the last Bulletin is about friendly communication


  • The "Supralunar, 2018" exposition invites us to experience discoveries made by Vera Rubin and much much more!
  • "Women in Science" is an ongoing project from Rommy González where she highlights the work of amazing women in STEM
  • Today is the last day of the SURATOMICA Online Festival. You can have a look at some recording and the official webpage
  • An experiment in visualising music which is just wow.

WIT Events

  • Why is inclusive language so important? by Pascal M. Gygax (Oct 8, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM)
    In a nutshell: The lecturer will present data across different languages to show that we tend to attribute gender in ways that unnecessarily narrow our perceptions of the world.
    A special thanks to the CERN Diversity and Inclusion Programme for sponsoring the event.
    Join us!


Support & Other Events

  • Yes You Can! Meet Women Executives in Tech, in partnership with EPFL Innovation Park (Oct 29, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM)
    In a nutshell: Connect with women in tech and science and learn about the different entrepreneurial pathways you can take, both within your organisations or your own venture.
    Here for more info!
  • RightsTech Women is on GoFundMe
    In a nutshell: RightsTech Women is an innovative nonprofit that combines technology and human rights training for girls and women.
    Click here to know more!
  • New online free courses at the Empowerment Lab
    In a nutshell: Empowerment Lab is a hub for young girls aged 12-18 years old to explore the thriving world of digital technology by playing with different digital tools.
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About the Women in Technology (WIT) Community: The aim of this community is to provide an environment in which women are not in the minority when interacting with technology. Our objectives are: to encourage women to play the role of expert; to provide a supportive learning environment; and to build a network between the Women in Technology here at CERN. WIT welcomes members from all genders and all technical fields. Visit cern.ch/wit

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