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[Nobel prize winners 2020] Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier and Professor Jennifer Doudna have won the 2020 Nobel Prize in chemistry for their work developing a method for genome editing.
It is the first time the Nobel Prize for chemistry has been awarded to two women in the same year in its 119-year history.

[Nobel prize winners 2020]
"You have to live your life if you’re going to do original work. Your work will come out of an authentic life, and if you suppress all of your most passionate impulses in the service of an art that has not yet declared itself, you’re making a terrible mistake. " - Louise Glück, awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Literature.
and her poems:

[Nobel prize winners 2020] Sir Roger Penrose, Reinhard Genzel and Andrea Ghez have been awarded the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand black holes

[Nobel prize stats] (866 men, 57 women (!))

[Nobel prize] Women who changed the world (ALL(!) profiles are clickable, check them out as well)

[Travel stories] Nüshu: the only writing system in the world created and used exclusively by women

[History] Menstruation and the Holocaust

[CMS Stories] Grace Cummings “No one asks if looking to the stars improves humanity, it is clear this is so.”

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Survey about parenthood and career progression
A research study aims to 1) measure the impact of parenthood on the career progression of professionals and students in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) and 2) to begin identifying the specific career obstacles faced by people with children around the world.

Maternity-paternity experience at CERN:

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Well done, Captain!

Wonder Woman, l'Histoire derrière la légende (en francais)

LHC mentoring program

There are less than two weeks to go until the application deadline for the LHC mentoring scheme! More information is here:
"Please note that, while we are still accepting applications from all working on a CERN experiment, at present we are primarily looking for more applications from female mentors and from mentors who are postdoctoral researchers."

Applications are open until 17th October 2020 and the matching is expected to take place in early November 2020. The pairing will continue until September 2021. There are separate application forms for mentors [1] and mentees [2].

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