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>> A step toward correcting inequalities


Both CERN Host States have been progressing on the parental leave front these last weeks. The steps go in the right direction and the rationales put forward seem to acknowledge the impact of that inequality; I am now looking forward to the day of an actual equal, 50-50, policy!


France, Doubles Paid Paternity Leave to 28 Days

“When a baby arrives in the world, there is no reason it should be just the mother who takes care of it,” Mr. Macron said, arguing that parents should have “more equality in sharing the responsibility from the first day.”



Switzerland Votes to Approve Paternity Leave

Fathers in the country had been allowed one day off for the birth of a child — the same time given for moving homes — but the new ruling will increase that to 10 days of paid leave.

Despite being one of the world’s wealthiest nations in terms of per capita income, Switzerland has often lagged behind on questions of gender equality. Women in the country gained the right to vote only in 1971, and wives required permission from their husbands to work outside the home until 1988.

For supporters of the measure, the result is seen as a step toward correcting inequalities between the sexes.




>> CERN Reorganisation


It is restructuring period at CERN and in the announcement of the Department Heads we were very happy to see a notion of gender balance with the names of two very accomplished women out of the ten announced appointments.



We went through the data of the last 20 years to realise that the only female Department Heads seemsto have been the Heads of HR in 2004-2005 and 2009-2016 and Head of HSE Unit from 2018.



I hope it will soon come the day when the gender of a Department Head becomes irrelevant -like the color of their eyes- and when the numbers show that women have the same chances of being represented at that level, but we are not there yet; for now I am really happy with these names and excited for the days ahead.



>> Dark Matter Day


In celebration of Dark Matter Day, Caterina Doglioni (Lund) and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (UNH) will give the inaugural colloquium focusing on the question of Dark Matter. This series aims to explore the underlying questions that motivate the research programs under study at Snowmass, and give an idea of how an early-career scientist might hope to address them over the course of a career in research.  The series is meant to be accessible for a general physics audience and early-career scientists are especially encouraged to attend.
Details here: https://indico.fnal.gov/event/45733/



>> LHC Soft skills workshop: Science Communication


The Early Career/ Young Scientists Fora of the four large LHC experiments have joined forces to organise a cycle of soft skills workshops, where each event will focus on a different career development training aspect. The third of these workshops will take place on November 4, starting at 17:00 CEST, and will be dedicated to "Science Communication".

Details and Registration: https://indico.cern.ch/event/966250/overview



>> Science to Market


Discover the leadership skills to transform an innovative idea into a business success.

Learn and connect with business leaders and hear from Monica Gille of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Christina Vallgren of Terapet SA on how to forge an innovative career within an organisation or by launching your own venture.

Sign up here for this Innosuisse Business Ideas Event taking place Oct 29: https://bit.ly/WMNTECH



>> Communication Locale


La vie fascinante et méconnue d’une pionnière scientifique de génie, traversant les soubresauts d’un XIXe siècle en pleine ébullition : Jeanne Villepreux Power, l’inventrice de l’aquarium.



Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Eva on behalf of the WIT steering committee.


About the Women in Technology (WIT) Community: The aim of this community is to provide an environment in which women are not in the minority when interacting with technology.

Our objectives are: to encourage women to play the role of expert; to provide a supportive learning environment; and to build a network between the Women in Technology here at CERN.

WIT welcomes members from all genders and all technical fields. Visit cern.ch/wit

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