Weekly News: Meeting report from the recent Future Circular Collider, Company Showroom, featuring Danish company Seaborg, Intelligent robotics systems and more!

The meeting report from the recent Future Circular Collider (FCC) workshop is now available in the CERN Courier. Find out more about the workshop outcomes, which include preparing a circular-collider-oriented roadmap towards the realisation of the vision of the European strategy for particle physics: https://cerncourier.com/a/horizon-event-for-fcc-innovators/

We are excited to announce the next Company Showroom, featuring Danish company Seaborg. They are developing a fundamentally new type of nuclear reactor; the compact molten salt reactor and to reach their vision of bringing it to market by 2025, they are seeking CERN Alumni talent. Register for the event on 26 February 12:00 – 13:00 here: https://alumni.cern/events/49855

One of CERN’s oldest facilities, the East Area has undergone a four-year makeover, giving it a modern look and feel and also improving its energy credentials, ready to embark on its second life: https://home.cern/news/news/accelerators/ls2-report-getting-ready-future-physics-east-area

Intelligent robotics systems are becoming essential for carrying out work in harsh environments, both at CERN and in industry. In this week’s Knowledge Transfer spotlight, we discover Mario Di Castro’s work on intelligent robots capable of conducting various activities in contaminated areas: https://home.cern/news/news/knowledge-sharing/rise-radiation-protection-robots

Finally, the new year has brought in changes at CERN’s highest level of management, discover more about the newcomers to the Directorate and Enlarged Directorate here: https://home.cern/news/opinion/cern/introducing-new-members-cerns-management

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