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From the world of accelerators, we discover the new Beam Gas Ionisation beam profile monitor, installed in the Proton Synchrotron (PS) last month. This will help accelerator physicists and operators gain new insights into the dynamics of the PS beams. For CERN, another important milestone on the road to higher luminosity has been reached : https://home.cern/news/news/accelerators/ls2-report-making-movie-ps-beam
From the AEgIS experiment, learn more about a new technique for producing antihydrogen atoms, which is an important milestone for measuring the influence of gravity on antimatter. https://home.cern/news/news/experiments/aegis-track-test-free-fall-antimatter
We should also like to share news about several events taking place in the coming weeks which might pique your interest:  
Join the CERN Alumni Digital Memory team on Wed 17th February for a virtual meet-up to help us identify the people, places and objects in CERN’s vast collection of photos and footage.
Our CERN Knowledge Transfer colleagues are speaking at the 3rd BSBF webinar ‘How Industry and Research Infrastructures can innovate the Big Science Market: The BSBF Technology Transfer Track’. You can tune in on Thursday 18th February: https://kt.cern/event/3rd-bsbf-webinar-how-industry-and-research-infrastructures-can-innovate-big-science-market
We will be hosting the second in the series of the CERN Alumni Company Showroom with CERN Alumnus Ask Løvschall-Jensen, co-founder of Seaborg Technologies. He will be presenting his company and the job opportunities on offer with Seaborg on Friday 26th February. Register here: https://alumni.cern/events/49855
If you have a passion for coding or want to join a friendly group of  computer scientists, check out the meet-ups organised by CERN Alumnus, Alejandro Santos: https://alumni.cern/events
For more information about consulting events or posting your own events on alumni.cern take a look at the latest in the ‘Did You Know?’ video series. https://alumni.cern/news/392838
Finally, we launch a new series of blog posts from CERN Alumnus and R&D Project Engineer Simone Callegari entitled ‘Science and Engineering Stories’, in which he shares his opinions with the community: https://alumni.cern/news/390982
Do you have a passion or an interest you wish to share with other alumni? If so, contact us at alumni.relations@cern.ch

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