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This week, we bring you the final part of the LHC Physics at Ten series, which looks at the searches that go beyond our current understanding of the universe: https://home.cern/news/series/lhc-physics-ten/searching-unknown
Catch up with the full series of articles here: https://home.cern/news/series/lhc-physics-ten
If you are a Mechanical Engineer | Mechanical Designer | Mechanical Engineering Technicial | Structural / Fluid mechanics / Special topics Analysis engineer | FEA/FEM/CFD analysis engineer and are looking for a new professional challenge,  tune into the next edition of the CERN Alumni Virtual Showroom with DAES https://alumni.cern/news/236044 and Fagerström Industrikonsult  on Friday 26 March. Register here (login required): https://alumni.cern/events/53583
Quantum computing is an exciting emergent field at the interface of the computer science, engineering, mathematics and physics. Follow the three parts of "An Introduction to Quantum Computing" with  Heather Gray (LBNL) courtesy of the CERN Academic Training Lectures (29-31 March): https://alumni.cern/networks/events/54016
Once again, CERN Alumnus Simone Callegari shares his thoughts in his monthly Science & Engineering Stories blog, focusing this time on strategy: https://alumni.cern/news/404136
Finally, are you interested in sharing your experience with other members of the High-Energy Network? We’d like to remind you that the Office for Alumni Relations is always on the look-out for potential alumni panellists, speakers and interviewees. Therefore, we highly recommend you keep your alumni.cern profile up-to-date. In case you did not know, you can import your profile directly from LinkedIn (login required): https://alumni.cern/news/377504

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