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Please find below the media monitoring report from 8 to 14 March. These press cuttings have been selected amongst 686 articles identified by our media monitoring system.
Fabiola Gianotti was included in the list of the five women in science of  21st Century who we must know, and was also mentioned as a member of the panel of experts of Google project for women, a project that aims to support ideas from non-profit and social organizations around the world that are working to promote the economic emancipation of women and girls. 
The news article on the 59 hadrons discovered at the LHC was a topic covered by multiple media. AMBER experiment was mentioned by a few outlets. The discovery of the Odderon announced on 5th March at a press conference organized at the Wigner Institute was covered by multiple Hungarian and some Swedish outlets. The CERN Press Office published a media update covering this news earlier this week.
Other mentions include the cooperation between CERN and CBS in The Netherlands, the ProtonVPN created by CERN alumni and a podcast on Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web.  
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CERN's AMBER to measure fundamental properties of protons

CERN's Amber to Measure Fundamental Properties of protons. In December 2020, theCERN Research Board approved the first phase...



Blogarama - Mar 13, 2021

Audience Reach: 45,965

Podcast/It arrived it. March 13, 1989: Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web

WorldLingo Translation Performed - 3/13/2021 6:55 AM Original Language: French Translation Language: English Translated Text: … it is 25 years...



L'Est Républicain - Online - Mar 13, 2021

Audience Reach: 407,515

Sittardenaar start cooperation between CERN and CBS

... … you can wonder of course what can contribute a scientific institute such as the CERNto this research. They stand especially confessed...



1Limburg - Mar 12, 2021

Audience Reach: 178,286

Five women in the science of century XXI who you must know

...directing the Council of the European Laboratory of Physics of Partículas (CERN), international organization who operates the LHC or great...



Digital Trends Español - Mar 12, 2021

Audience Reach: 1,684,159

The Best VPNs for Android Smartphones

...if you don't like it. Google Play ProtonVPN Created by Swiss-based CERN scientists - the company that created ProtonMail, the encrypted...



Digital Trends - Mar 09, 2021

Audience Reach: 12,549,165

8 March: plan Google for women, 25 million dollars

...they will be taken care of the selection are, between the others, also Fabiola Gianotti, Director of the CERN. They are women...



The World News - Mar 08, 2021

Audience Reach: 223,268

CERN: Another 4 new particles were found in the large-scale powerful collision machine

WorldLingo Translation Performed - 3/7/2021 12:01 PM Original Language: Chinese-Simplified Translation Language: English Translated Text:...

Source - Mar 08, 2021

Audience Reach: 25,275,868

Magyar-svéd kutatócsoport igazolta egy új részecske, az Odderon létezését

...még megjósolhatatlanok, de biztos, hogy új fejezetet nyitnak a részecskefizika ismert keretein belül. Adatelemzést végeznek a Wigner...

Source - Mar 08, 2021

Audience Reach: 1,310,011


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