News from the Lab - CMS | The High-Granularity Calorimeter

On Thursday 1 April 2021, Principle Applied Physicist for the CMS Collaboration, Dr Dave Barney took CERN alumni on a virtual tour of "CMS: the next 20 years. Focusing on the High-Granularity Calorimeter (HGCAL). Dave has spent all of his (so far) 25 year CERN career working on the CMS experiment and is still as enthusiastic, passionate and excited as on day one.

During his presentation, CERN Alumni were treated to a concise review of the LHC story so far, but Dave also highlighted that there are still mysteries to solve. He subsequently zoomed in on the CMS experiment, outlining the most recent upgrades conducted on the detector, exclaiming that even after a decade, CMS works excellently. Nevertheless, the numerous future challenges encountered by the detector include 'the pileup challenge' (an increased number of collisions), coupled with radiation damage resulting in the need to upgrade further systems within the detector. Dave then revealed the 'hard-core' plan  to remove the existing 220 ton calorimeter and replace it with the High-Granularity Calorimeter. The High-Granularity Calorimeter should make it possible to go into greater detail in the particle shower.

CERN Alumni then discovered the boundary pushing technologies which will make up the High-Granularity Calorimeter, planned to be installed within the next five years.

CERN Alumni, who connected from many locations across the globe, has their curiosity fully sparked by Dave's talk and a lively Q&A session ensued, expertly moderated by Dr Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez, Researcher and Associate Professor (Swedish Docent) at Uppsala University, Sweden. 

If you missed this fascinating edition of "News from the Lab", or if you would like to watch it again, you can do so here.

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