Moving Out of Academia to the Environment Industry event - Meet the Speakers


Building on the success of  previous events in this series "Moving Out of Academia" we would like to provide CERN Alumni - or soon to be alumni - with the opportunity to  learn more about how fellow alumni successfully managed a transition from Academia to the Environmental Industry.

If you are considering moving into this sector of activity, this is your opportunity to come along with your questions and obtain first-hand information from our panelists.

The first part of the event is focused on the nature of the work carried out by our panelists and on other skills they acquired at CERN which have helped them (or not) in the transition . They also explain which additional skills they had to develop after CERN for a successful career move.The second part of the event will provide you with very practical advice on how to prepare for such a transition, how to get started, what errors to avoid, where to look for help and how to promote your assets.

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This week we introduce you to the first three of our six panellists; Charlie Cook, Giorgio Cortiana and Giorgio Cortiana and will feature the other three next week!

Charlie Cook
Founder Rightcharge

Charlie founded Rightcharge to help electric car drivers reduce the cost of charging and to use cleaner energy by choosing the best charge point to install at home.
Charlie previously set up the home charging division at Octopus Energy, and worked on innovation in electric vehicle charging at Octopus Electric Vehicles. He has worked to make smart charging and vehicle-to-grid simple and attractive to drivers – ready for mass-adoption. Charlie put together the Powerloop project - a domestic vehicle-to-grid demonstration project – which launched at the beginning of 2018 with £3m in funding from BEIS and OLEV, via Innovate UK. He has also brought new charging solutions to market for drivers through partnerships with innovators such as MyEnergi, Ohme and Wallbox.
Charlie began his career as an engineer at CERN, Geneva and then studied at Imperial Business School before moving to Octopus. 
In 2018, he was named the Young Renewable Energy Professional of the Year and the Young Energy Professional of the Year by the REA and the Energy Institute.

Giorgio Cortiana
Head of Advanced Analytics
Energy Intelligence
E.ON Digital Technology

Giorgio has a PhD in Particle Physics, several years of experience in the forefront research and data science projects, in-depth analytical thinking, problem-solving and leadership attitudes.
He is currently working at E.ON’s Global Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence unit, leading several data science projects, from ideation and proof-of-concept to industrialization, on intelligent asset management, smart grids, and artificial intelligence driven energy economics. He likes carrying out his research and data science activities within large multicultural organizations: previously at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, CERN and currently at E.ON.
His expertise comprises large-scale and complex data analysis, development of simulation and advanced monitoring and forecasting tools. He has strong backgrounds in statistics, machine learning, as well as in data analytics and visualization, object-oriented programming in C++ and Python, and distributed computing. He enjoys learning new things, extracting quantitative and meaningful insights from large datasets, as well as coping everyday with challenges and problems that need quick and effective solutions.

Juan Mario Michan
Director & CEO
Daphne Technology

Juan is a physicist passionate about using innovation to create a positive environmental impact. He is founder of Daphne Technology, a company focused on enabling hard to decarbonize industries, such as the marine industry, to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
Juan started his professional life at the sea on board cargo vessels sailing in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Mediterranean Subsequently he has completed his PhD followed by a Post-Doctoral Research at the CERN Antimatter Factory investigating anti-hydrogen. As CEO of Daphne Technology Juan also completed an Executive MBA from INSEAD to help me lead the company into the future.





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