"Through developing international connections in unexpected places, Paul Lecoq’s career has helped build sustained connections for CERN in some of the world’s largest and fruitfully scientific places.” Based on an interview conducted by the Office for CERN Alumni Relations, read the CERN Courier article featuring CERN alumnus and now distinguished professor at the Polytechnic University in Valencia, Paul Lecoq: https://cerncourier.com/a/harnessing-the-cern-model/
One of Paul’s many achievements was establishing the Crystal Clear multidisciplinary collaboration in 1991, gathering experts in material science, crystal-growth, luminescence, solid-state physics and beyond. Crystal Clear is still going strong and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary: https://home.cern/news/news/experiments/crystal-clear-30-years

Continuing the ongoing upgrade work that is transforming LHCb so it can sustain a fivefold increase in the rate of proton–proton collisions when the LHC starts up again in 2022, the first pieces of LHCb’s new scintillating-fibre particle-tracking detector, or SciFi, have just journeyed 100 metres down to be installed in the experiment’s underground cavern: https://home.cern/news/news/experiments/scifi-moment-lhcb-experiment

Join Kostas Ntekas and Florencia Daneri on Thursday May 20  for a virtual presentation of the ATLAS New Small Wheels (NSW), the third of the series ‘News from the Lab’ . Weighing more than 200 tons, comprising 16 detections layers for each of the two wheels and a total of 2.5M electronics channels, Kostas will reveal the highlights spanning back from the NSW conception to its current status and challenges faced along the way. Register here: https://alumni.cern/events/56725

If you missed last week’s lively and insightful ‘Moving out of Academia to the Environment Industry’ event, you can find the recording and useful resources shared by our panellists here: https://alumni.cern/news/423730
If there is a particular sector or industry you would like us to focus on for the next ‘Moving out of academia to,.” Please do let us know by sending an email to alumni.relations@cern.ch

Finally, we are delighted to announce the launch event of the CERN Alumni Paris Regional group! Join the group founders, Jérôme Hernandez and Max Pindo and a very special guest on Thursday 27 May. For more information and to register, please visit: https://alumni.cern/events/58163


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