Ever experienced ‘hepeating’?


Many women may be familiar with their own ideas being repeated by men in meetings. It's called "hepeating."



Journalist Soraya Chemaly wrote in a recent article,  “parents who want to combat sexism are advised to teach their daughters to practice saying “Stop interrupting me,” “I just said that,” and “No explanation needed.”  She adds, women are taught to be overly polite and active listeners in conversations, but men are not taught to socialize this way.



A study by Brigham Young University and Princeton researchers in 2012 showed that women spoke only 25 percent of the time in professional meetings, meaning men took up 75 percent of an average meeting. Six other studies demonstrate how men dominate conversations:



What to do about it? How not to be ‘manterrupted’ in meetings:



Let’s learn from history so it’s no longer a case of plus ca change,..

Women who have changed history and the men who talk credit:



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The Forgotten Women Reporters Who Changed the Face of Journalism:


Parent trap: why the cult of the perfect mother has to end:



Seminars & Events

The versatile detectors used for research at ISOLDE by Magdalena Kowalska (CERN):

Recording available here: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1039388/

Connect with female innovators and expand your business knowledge through various workshops including a workshop on June 9th designed to help female leaders practice skills in negotiation and leading difficult business conversations:



SheQuantum in France:

CEO & Founder of SheQuantum,  Nithyasri Srivathsan, will be speaking at Cite de l’Économie et des Métiers de Demain, France and AD’OCC’s Quantum Computing event on May 25 2021. This event is being co-organised by Region Occitanie, Les Echos, and Quantum Technologies in Occitanie in association with CNRS, IBM, University of Montpellier, Universite Toulouse and Atos, among others.

This event is titled “Plus tard je serai mécanicien. ne … Quantique”, which literally translates to “Later, I will be a Quantum Mechanic” and is proudly organised entirely by women.



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