To celebrate the fourth anniversary of the CERN Alumni Network on 8th June 2021, and to widen the benefits available to members of the community, the alumni relations team has implemented a mentoring module on

CERN Alumni mentors can help mentees discover more about career options, professions, companies and sectors they are interested in based on the mentors personal experience. Whilst mentees are responsible for their development, mentors can serve as facilitators of mentee growth. If the mentoring partnership works well there are benefits for both the mentor and the mentee. CERN Alumna Pratibha Vikas shares her experience of both:

How to register as a mentor?

Members of the alumni network who consider they have sufficient experience and the desire to share that experience with other members of the network are invited to consult the following guidelines and ensure that their profile is fully up to date (professional experience, highest level of education, skills and a picture).

Then navigate to the mentoring module and click on 'apply to be a mentor'. Complete the short form and submit your application.

If your profile is fully up to date, your application will be approved and your mentoring profile will appear on the mentoring page. Mentees then have the possibility to connect with you and enter into a mentoring partnership. We recommend that you both consult the mentoring guidelines when establishing the mentoring partnership. Do not hesitate to contact for any further information, questions or issues.

For Mentees

If you would like to benefit from the experience of a CERN Alumni mentor, make sure you set your goals and objectives for the mentoring partnership. Consult the pool of alumni mentors to select a mentor and reach out to them by clicking on ''Connect". Please remember, it is your responsability to drive the partnership, so set and agree the agenda with your mentor. Please check these guidelines for more information. Do not hesitate to contact for any further information, questions or issues.


The Alumni Network mentoring module is provided by CERN for members of the CERN alumni community to identify potential mentors with profiles or experiences relevant to their professional interests. 
The module is offered by CERN free of charge, “as is” and solely on a best efforts basis. 
CERN accepts no liability in relation to an individual's use of the module, whether as a mentor or a mentee, nor warrants the quality, accuracy or utility of the mentoring advice that may be given. Mentees are responsible for any decisions or actions they take in light of the mentoring they receive.

CERN reserves the right to close down the module or remove an individual’s access to it at any time and at its sole discretion. 
To report any comments or concerns regarding the module, please contact the Office for Alumni Relations at the following address: 

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