CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions, LS2 report for SPS and servers for Palestine

In this week's CERN Alumni Weekly Digest, we feature one of the speakers from the upcoming CERN Alumni Second Collisions event (1-3 Oct) and invite you to spread the word about this fascinating event. We also take a look at the status of SPS and discover more about CERN's partnership with the future FAIR facility at Germany's GSI Laboratory.

One of the biggest impacts that a place like CERN has is through training highly-skilled and super smart people. Most of us will not stay at CERN or even in physics, but at some point in our lives we were all awe-struck and inspired by the quest to understand matter and forces and the Universe we live in: that’s what brought us to CERN”. Suzie Sheehy, one of our distinguished CERN Alumni Second Collisions speakers reflects on her CERN experience and defends the case for curiosity-driven research :

Registration is now open for CERN Alumni Second Collisions (1 – 3 Oct) here:
Would you like to help us spread the word about Second Collisions to encourage other CERN Alumni to register and be inspired by fascinating speakers, to grow their networks and take part in virtual CERN visits amongst others? If so, we invite you to submit a max 60 second video, with a small introduction of yourself and why you have registered for Second Collisions. Upload your videos here and stand to win a superb alumni prize:

The SPS accelerated its first LHC-type beam in May and is now sending beams to the North Area, where the physics season has started. Read more on this LS2 report here:

CERN has strong partnerships and collaborations with laboratories and research infrastructures in the Member States. One recent example saw superconducting magnets for the future FAIR facility at Germany’s GSI laboratory being tested at CERN:

Finally, The An-Najah University in Nablus, Palestine, has started using the 56 servers donated by CERN for educational purposes and experimental physics research:

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