Science for sustainability: a journey from cryogenics to clean waters

Emilio Asensi

Science is crucial to tackling the complex challenges we are facing nowadays, because it shapes the way for new methods and solutions. And in this context, we couldn’t be prouder to introduce the next speaker at our upcoming Second Collisions event - Emilio Asensi, CERN Alum whose passion for sustainability compelled him to embark on a quest for clean waters!

“The world is full of challenges, climate change, poverty, overconsumption, and the list goes on. We can turn a blind eye and keep going from our comfortable position until it’s too late or we get directly impacted wherever we are in the world, but I think we are in a position where we can do better, use our tools and knowledge to prevent further damage and create a positive impact. Education, awareness and advocacy is very much in need here, as well as the support of large organizations and governments, and every single action counts, we are all in the same boat.”

Get inspired by Emilio’s story and join us for more during the CERN Alumni Second Collisions event from 1 – 3 October 2021.

“My name is Emilio Asensi, I live in Malmö, Sweden, and I combine my profession as a Project Engineer at ESS with my passion for entrepreneurship and sustainability as CEO of Vaquita Technologies. At CERN, I was a Fellow in the Controls and Electricity section within the Cryogenics group.

CERN was my first contact with cryogenics and it sharped my skills in PLC programming. At ESS, I am responsible for the controls and instrumentation at the cryomodules test stand, which in a way feels like a continuation of the work I was doing at CERN. Also, the good feeling given by an international and multicultural community there made me look for other international projects after CERN.
Getting to know these advanced technologies made me think of other areas and applications where they could be used, like, for example, to ensure healthy waters.

As one of the founders and CEO of Vaquita Technologies, sustainability is one of the core values of the company. I studied Leadership for Sustainability after my time at CERN and it is my mission to pursue our vision of ensuring healthy waters everywhere, creating a positive impact for people and planet. We use sensors and remote monitoring techniques to measure water quality parameters in real-time to detect toxins as soon as they enter the water and notify the authorities to trigger a quick reaction. We are inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and use their framework to ensure we cover at least one goal from each of the Triple Bottom Line. And we now cover SDG 6, 9, 11, 14 and 15."

And to those who might be struggling on their own career path right now, confused or undecided what step to take next and what life after CERN might bring them, Emilio has a special message of encouragement:

“CERN is a highly fertile soil to cultivate young talent and inspire others, however most of this young talent may feel overwhelmed after leaving CERN as there is no other place like it. I think it’s very important for everyone, but mostly for these young professionals, to realise that their careers can take other directions by interacting with other CERN Alumni, that they can still grow in their areas or other ones they decide to pursue even if they are away from our "spiritual" CERN home in Meyrin/Prevessin.“

Come and interact with other CERN Alumni from 1 – 3 October!

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