CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions, Company Booths, SPS, Modern Medicine & more

In this week's CERN Alumni Weekly Digest, we feature one of the speakers from the upcoming CERN Alumni Second Collisions event (1-3 Oct) and invite you to reserve a company booth in our event if you want to publicise your start-up or recruit from within the CERN Alumni talent pool. We also take a look at how CERN discoveries have become essential tools for modern medicine and give an update on the SPS experiment. Finally, were you a UK CERN admin or technical student and want to share your experience? Read on!

Charlotte Waltregny, our next featured CERN Alumni speaker reflects on the reasons for participating in Second Collisions,  “I think it’s an amazing opportunity to bring people together, with a common background but who took completely different directions, but with the same goal: to contribute to society and learn from each other.“ . Come together on 1-3 October, register here:

Have you created your own company or start up that you would like to showcase, or are you keen to recruit from and network within the CERN Alumni talent pool? If so, why not take advantage of Second Collisions and reserve your company booth! There are still a few up for grabs. Contact if you are interested!

Courtesy of our Knowledge Transfer colleagues on 26 August, discover how technological advances for high-energy physics have become essential tools for modern medicine.

Following hot on the heels of the restart of the Proton Synchrotron Booster and the Proton Synchrotron after the second long shutdown of CERN’s accelerator complex, the SPS and its experiments are now also back in action:

Finally, did your relationship with CERN begin as an admin or technical student from the UK?  Would you be willing to share your experiences to encourage more UK undergraduates to apply? If so, Steph Hills would love to hear from you!  Drop a quick email to for more info.

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