CERN Alumni Weekly News | Second Collisions, News from the Lab, Lumina, African physics and CineGlobe Festival

In this week's CERN Alumni Weekly Digest, we feature one of the speakers from the upcoming CERN Alumni Second Collisions event (1-3 Oct) and we invite you to register if you haven't already done so. We also announce our next News from the Lab event, talk about African physics and show you where to watch the movies featured at the CineGlobe festival. 

“CERN is a highly fertile soil to cultivate young talent and inspire others, however most of this young talent may feel overwhelmed after leaving CERN,.. It’s very important for everyone, .. to realise that their careers can take other directions by interacting with other CERN Alumni".  Emilio Asensi, CERN Alumni Second Collisions speaker, on why we should take the opportunity to reconnect during the event and get inspired from each other.
If you still haven’t booked your place, register now ( and if you fancy winning a CERN Alumni prize, share a picture/video or post about why you are coming to Second Collisions and why others should join! Post your contributions on the live feed We will send a prize to the first ten posts!
The holidays are almost over, which means we are back with News from the Lab. This time we’ll be joined by Scott Menary from the ALPHA Experiment. Register and join us on September 16th from 18:00 CEST to learn about the recent results and future plans for this CERN Experiment.
Astronaut Thomas Pesquet has activated Lumina, an optical fibre-based dosimetry experiment on board the International Space Station. Developed under the coordination of the French Space Agency, this project uses two several-kilometre-long optical fibres as active dosimeters to measure ionising radiation in the ISS with very high sensitivity. (pictures credit to ©ESA/NASA-T. Pesquet)
A large group of physicists and other researchers in Africa and the African diaspora have come together to develop a grassroots plan for the future of African physics to ensure that the next generations of researchers find themselves with more options to stay in or return to Africa.
And lastly, the 10th edition of CineGlobe Film Festival took place this week at CERN. If you didn’t have a chance to join in person or see the webcasts, the videos will remain available online in the coming days:

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