Accelerating Science: From CERN to Hyperloop Prototypes and AI Systems

Daniel Verdú

The themes of sustainability and environmental awareness feature in this week’s Second Collisions speakers’ spotlight. Daniel Verdú, a CERN Alum, who will deliver his keynote talk during our special event, has quite a story for us. Starting off his career as a CERN summer student in the ALICE detector control system group, he then went on to join a prominent Hyperloop project in Spain which was amongst  the World Top-8 Best prototypes!

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“My name is Daniel Verdú and I am an Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain). In the last years, I developed my professional career as Data Scientist specialised in image analysis using artificial intelligence. I am currently living in Valencia (Spain) and I've been working at GFT IT Consulting since May 2021 developing industrial inspection applications. In 2015 I was selected for the CERN summer student program to join the ALICE detector control system group for 3 months under the supervision of prof. Ombretta Pinazza. During that time, I worked on the development of a software to collect data from ALICE detector in order to monitor, categorise and publish its performance data.

Before I participated in the CERN Summer student program, I had ne ither lived outside of Spain nor had any professional experience. So, for me,the CERN summer student program was a life experience that has formed me as a professional and made me grow as a person.

Regarding my professional career, this experience helped me take the decision to focus on the research field during the following years. Research conducted at CERN made me realise the impact that science can have in improving people’s lives and I set myself a goal of contributing to such amazing developments with my work. 

On a personal side, I met different researchers at CERN from whom I learnt their know-how and I also had the opportunity to see the passion they have for their work. Furthermore, I learnt how to work in high performance multicultural teams, obtaining a wide perspective of different work methodologies that I still use nowadays.”

We have chosen our speakers as they are all having a positive impact on society, and we asked Daniel to illustrate how is his work having such an impact.

“In 2015, I joined Hyperloop UPV project as a Technical Director, contributing to the development of a faster and more sustainable transportation system. Our goal was to design a subscale real prototype for participating at Elon Musk’s Hyperloop competition to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a proposed high-speed mass and sustainable transportation system for both passenger and freight transport, propelled by electromagnets inside a sealed tube with low air pressure to reduce air resistance that levitates on rails to reduce ground friction.

This configuration allows the vehicle to achieve higher speeds than conventional trains with less energy consumption. Both vehicle and tube required that the energy supply originate from renewable energy sources, reducing our society's dependence on fossil fuels. This new transportation concept could help us as a society to reduce our carbon footprint, to take care of our environment and to keep living in a more sustainable world.

In the last years I’ve developed my career as Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer, focusing on image analysis. I started learning about AI on my own because I was amazed by the first AI applications that were emerging and the enormous positive impact that AI could have on society. I’ve worked on implementing AI solutions for industry, which helped to improve manufacturing efficiencies and reducing risks to employees from repetitive or dangerous tasks. My main aim regarding working in this field is to introduce such an amazing technology in our daily routines making people’s lives easier.”

And what are Daniel’s reasons for joining the event and why he thinks you should too?

“I am sure it will be a weekend with plenty of fascinating and inspirational stories about how a professional experience at CERN has influenced people’s careers in so many different ways but with the same goal of accelerating science. Besides, I think that this event is a great opportunity for the Alumni to connect with people with similar interests and experiences.”

Do not miss the wonderful program packed with testimonials of CERN Alumni who are making the world a better place to live through their impactful work.

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