From Physics to Finance and the Quantum-tech Frontier

Markus Pflitsch

Some might say that the journey from physics to finance is a well-trodden path, however former CERN quantum physicist Markus Pflitsch, our next esteemed Second Collisions speaker’s career has taken him from physics, to finance on to deep tech entrepreneurship.

As a graduate physicist and after his time at CERN, he began his professional career at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Europe and North America, and went on to hold several top management positions (CEO, CFO, COO) in international financial corporations (Deutsche Bank, UniCredit), as well as owner-managed digital and high-tech companies.

Read about his exciting entrepreneurship career and how his experience at CERN shaped the way he leads and manages his team.

 “When at CERN, I was working in the OPAL group at LEP in the area of quantum chromodynamics exploring running alpha_s.

The CERN experience had an everlasting impact on my life. It showed me that with passion, discipline and teamwork you can achieve the highest and most aspiring goals. In addition the humble, team-oriented and open approach was a great role model for my leadership style. I would summarize it as a passion to perform.

Currently, I am Founder & CEO of Terra Quantum AG, a Swiss-based global leader in the quantum tech revolution. We develop commercially viable quantum applications addressing multi-billion dollar markets, have our own virtualized quantum compute platform and a global team of quantum tech experts with deep scientific expertise across various segments of quantum tech. We are experts in quantum cryptography and have made some breakthrough developments in that field. Based on our IP we have developed relevant use cases also in the cyber security market, e.g. for the blockchain.”

*we interviewed Markus back in 2020, so head over to for more on his motivation, passion and obstacles throughout his career journey 

What does Markus have to say about the social impact Terra Quantum is bringing about?

“Terra Quantum is a deep tech pioneer, developing revolutionary quantum applications to shape the technology of the future. Our international team of experts brings together the best minds from science, academia and industry to address the most fundamental questions of quantum physics and their manifestations in the world around us. We are building quantum technology for a better future, breaking down the barriers between science and industry and laying the foundations of a real quantum tech ecosystem and value chain. Therefore our work is targeted to have a positive impact on the world and mankind.”

We are convinced of the value that each CERN Alum, whether still at CERN or already on his or her journey elsewhere, can get from the Second Collisions and Markus adds one more:

“CERN Alumni have gained tremendous experience in various roles outside CERN. Sharing this valuable experience with CERN members of personnel can help reflections on the future development of young talent and leaders. It also makes it transparent, which specific experiences at CERN are of value for future roles after CERN.”

Are you also curious to find out more about Markus’ journey and his career advice?

Then register and join us from 1 – 3 October at the Second Collisions event to hear his keynote talk AND participate in the networking discussion, where one of the topics is Quantum Computing.

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