The feminist strike took place in Geneva on Monday.

Trente ans après la première grève des femmes elles ont de nouveau occupé les rues de Suisse ce lundi. Avec des revendications anciennes toujours aussi actuelles: égalité salariale, équité au niveau des rentes et accès à des places en crèche.

Mais avec de nouvelles également, portées en particulier par la jeune génération qui, en ce 14 juin, a fait vibrer les cortèges d’une formidable énergie. Exigeant le respect de l’intégrité physique et morale de chacune.



How to be a feminist dad

The thing that made it urgent was watching the last few years around the world and noticing that while things were sort of changing, these cultural norms around gender, a lot of men just don’t know how to imagine themselves without the normal patriarchal signifiers.



8 female CEOs on bridging the gender gap in tech

Many women will hesitate to start a company because of the perceived all-consuming lifestyle of a start-up founder and expectations of investors. In reality, a good founder will lead a ‘sustainable’ lifestyle that allows to build a company over five-10 years, and this should include the possibility of having a family.




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Stories and secrets of techsetters everywhere, career defining moments, and unconventional paths in the world of STEAM:


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