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Please find below the media monitoring report from 6 to 12 September. These press cuttings have been selected amongst 1166 articles identified by our media monitoring system.

Fabiola's interview with CNBC 
is still covered by a few media outlets.

The media update of Sparks! Was a well-covered topic mostly by Swiss and French media. Furthermore, the Beamline For School competition was also well-covered again this week, particularly by Spanish media. BASE’s first demonstration of two-trap sympathetic cooling was again covered this week.

Alberto Di Meglio’s talk about the importance of quantum computing and how it will aid research at CERN was covered by a few English media.

Other mentions include, the FCC, the collaboration between CERN and RUAG Space Austria, the premier of “Particule 
Fantôme”: a Canadian documentary that was mostly filmed at CERN’s Neutrino Platform by Geneva Guérin, the collaboration with RTU (Riga Technical University) for the creation of a cooling system for CMS, the anniversary of LHC’s successful start on the 10th of September 2008, Tim Berners-Lee joining the advisory board of Proton Technologies AG and finally the news of COMPASS well covered by a few Chinese media. 

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Sparks forum in Geneva - the CERN organizes a forum on the artificial intelligence

... … with engineering and mathematics and their interest for the company. CERN The forum will bring together 50 world experts, in...



24 heures Online - Sep 12, 2021

Audience Reach: 230,498

Sparks forum in Geneva - the CERN organizes a forum on the artificial intelligence

WorldLingo Translation Performed - 9/12/2021 10:49 AM Original Language: French Translation Language: English Translated Text: … and of the...



Tribune de Genève Online - Sep 12, 2021

Audience Reach: 251,430

Capcana de antimaterie: îmbunătățiri substanțiale!

...și cea a antimateriei. Practic cercetătorii colaborării BASE de la CERN au realizat două capcane – una care conține materie sub forma...



Evenimentul Zilei Online - Sep 12, 2021

Audience Reach: 456,262

The first certificate of the beauty of the triangle in the particle accelerator?

...about this is a man-friendly discovery by the Asian Nuclear Center (CERN) in 2015. COMPASS (consultant intermediates and quality devices...



Sina - Sep 11, 2021

Audience Reach: 22,601,722

The founder of the World Putkina joined the Proton Advisory Board

...Text: our advisory board - this is what we will find in the past in CERN, where we came up with the original idea of ProtonMail and...



Prcy Info - Sep 11, 2021



... … 10 of September of 2008 in Geneva (Swiss), the particle accelerator LHC of the CERN, begins to work successfully after making...



Sol Quintana Roo - Sep 11, 2021


Students of the UNAM travel to Germany that they gained aid of physics in nuclear investigation

...Text: anizado by the European Council for Investigación Nuclear (CERN) and the Sincrotón Alemán de Electrones (DESY). The members...



EIT Media - Sep 10, 2021

Audience Reach: 6,054

PHANTOM early product PARTICLE presented on Knowing media on September 24

... … of all that surrounds us. Filmed in major part in Switzerland with the CERN, the large laboratory of the European Council for the...



L' initiative - Sep 09, 2021

Audience Reach: 2,866

Viennese company supplies isolation for armament of CERN accelerator

... Translated Text: Isolation from Austria holds the particle accelerator Large hadron Collider (LHC) for the European organization for...



Studium - Sep 09, 2021

Audience Reach: 36,378

CERN Director: The World Will Forget Science After The Pandemic

The scientific research center CERN's director-general, Fabiola Gianotti, has expressed her concern that the world will largely forget...



Powdersvillepost - Sep 09, 2021


Can Quantum Computing decode universe's mysteries? CERN hopes so

The European Laboratory CERN is synonymous with the advancements in particle physics. The research at CERN hopes to hold answers to...



Dataquest Online - Sep 08, 2021

Audience Reach: 65,679

The culture in the heart of the institutions (from the alive one and in podcast)

...the president of the Court, Giancarlo Courage, and the director of the CERNFabiolaGianotti, on Right and science. While...



Il Sole 24 Ore Online - Sep 07, 2021

Audience Reach: 2,630,893

The 3 Reasons Why CERN's Large Hadron Collider Can't Make Particles Go Faster

...emission from electrons, will be a limiting factor. The Future Circular Collider is a proposal to build, for the 2030s, a successor to...



Forbes Online - Sep 07, 2021

Audience Reach: 33,734,080




RTU zinātnieks rada dzesēšanas sistēmu, ko svarīgā eksperimentā izmantos CERN

...ko izmantos vienā no svarīgākajiem Eiropas Kodolpētniecības centra (CERN) eksperimentiem, portālu "Delfi" informēja universitātē. Saturs...



Delfi (Latvia) Online - Sep 09, 2021

Audience Reach: 672,528

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