CERN IdeaSquare turned into expo arena (preliminary version)
credit: Miltton

Bringing us together during the CERN Alumni Second Collisions is demonstrating that Research Matters and the remarkable impact CERN alumni have on society, solving present-day challenges.

So many of our alumni have gone on to start their own companies and we are excited to announce that just as at in person conferences, this event will also feature booths showcasing a wide variety of companies, which were founded by CERN alumni.

The CERN virtual IdeaSquare space will be transformed into an expo arena, where participants can learn about the latest exciting developments of these CERN spin-offs and start-ups, as well as various other CERN entities.

One of the booths will also be hosted by a Lausanne-headquartered company, Evooq, a Swiss investment and technology partner of banks, independent asset managers and pension funds, active in the market since 2011. Evooq is a frequent advertiser of job opportunities on and has kindly offered to sponsor this event. Besides presentations about the company itself, Evooq is currently hiring and will offer more information about their current vacancies when you visit their booth during Second Collisions!


Virtual Booths during Second Collisions

CERN Alumni Booths

CERN Booths

BL Monitor & Control AB CERN & Society
gluoNNet CERN Courier
Lingvist CERN Knowledge Transfer & IdeaSquare
PlanetWatch CERN openlab
RemotelyGreen CERN Talent Acquisition
The Quantum Group AB CERN Alumni
Thrace Engineering Group  


Attendees can enter in contact with booth representatives via 1-on-1 videocall or chat during designated opening hours or they will have a possibility to send an e-mail with their inquiry and schedule a call. Some of the companies will also give a presentation about their activities with a Q&A session (exact schedule will be available soon).

And if any of you would like to take the conversation about starting your own company further, our dedicated entrepreneurship networking table and workshop are a great opportunity to gather and exchange views on the joys and pitfalls of becoming your own boss.

Together with our sponsor and our booth representatives, we look forward to welcoming you from 1 to 3 October 2021 at our Second Collisions event!

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