CERN Alumni Second Collisions - Bringing you exciting entertainment.

The countdown has started. Only a few days to go until you will be able to attend the long-awaited Alumni Second Collisions event! Get ready to hear from our inspirational speakers, participate in virtual visits of CERN’s underground facilities, network with other like-minded CERN Alumni and other stakeholders, visit company booths and much more.

Throughout the weekend you will be able to participate in fun activities that will engage you with other participants and make you challenge yourself. CERN Quiz, virtual escape room, hidden Easter eggs, the award ceremony and a special talk by an Oscar-winning special effects company, DNEG are waiting for you.

Some of these activities were developed by our alumni, and we are very proud to feature them and to showcase their work at Second Collisions.

Dr. Átila Neves

The CERN Quiz was developed by Dr. Átila Neves who has a PhD in Particle Physics for research done at CERN. Most of the time spent here required programming in C++, with a two-year stint as a Perl programmer on the IT department's security team. He now works as a D consultant/programmer for Symmetry Investments, as well as being the deputy maintainer of the D programming language. The Quiz activity will consist of 8 rounds of 5 questions each where participants will compete on their wide knowledge of random trivia.

Jérôme Hernandez

Another activity, the Digital Escape Game, was designed by Jérôme Hernandez, PhD Student at Sorbonne Université and Technical Director for a French Start-Up in Gamification and Serious Game. The principle of the game is simple, the participants will have to resolve several enigmas and the goal is to manage to resolve them all in the shortest time possible. Unlike any other escape room venue, 'A Journey to CERN' offers the most interactive and engaging experiences by bringing you into a world of mystery where every aspect of the story has been carefully designed so as to become a memory you will never forget!

Oliver James

Lastly, if science fiction films are your cup of tea, why not tune into Oliver James’, (Chief Scientist at DNEG Visual Effects) talk on the process of creating the effects for the film Interstellar. Oliver studied physics at Oxford University followed by an apprenticeship in photography, before combining them with computing to develop the technology used to realize some of the most innovative effects in film. His work over the last 20 years has contributed to iconic images seen in The Matrix Reloaded, Batman Begins, The Bourne Ultimatum, Quantum of Solace, Harry Potter, Event Horizon, Inception, among others. It is his collaboration with Kip Thorne to visualise Black Holes in Interstellar, that has brought his career full circle.

We hope you are as excited as we are to take part in all the activities that we have planned for you. Bring your high-energy at Second Collisions and be prepared to learn, network, engage, have fun and, most importantly, celebrate our CERN Alumni impact on society.

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