Treating Nuclear Waste and Founding the Thorium Energy Committee

  Jean-Pierre Revol will be present this weekend at Second Collisions and will talk to you about “Treating Nuclear Waste and Founding the Thorium Energy Committee”. He is a CERN keynote alumn who is currently the Co-founder    & President of Transmutex and still has tied links to our organization: “I am a particle physicist, retired form CERN but still a member of the ALICE Collaboration, through my new affiliation with the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical        Physics in Ukraine. I am also President of the Scientific Board of Transmutex, a young Swiss start-up whose goal is to transmute nuclear waste and produce carbon-free energy. It is precisely because I acquired special skills at           CERN, that I would like to try and use them now to benefit society in other domains.”

 In our interview, Jean-Pierre spoke to us about how his time at CERN has impacted his career: “Is at CERN that I got acquainted with the issue of global warming and the possibility of exploiting nuclear fission energy in a novel way, both through the work of Nobel Laureate and former CERN General Director, Carlo Rubbia, with whom I worked for many years.”

As the event’s theme is centred around our Alumni impact on society, we were thrilled to find out more about how Jean-Pierre’s work id a great example of such impact: “I believe that despite all the efforts on renewable energies, the world will not, for a long time, be able to abandon fossil fuels without recourse to some kind of nuclear energy. Therefore, I am working on new ways of exploiting nuclear fission energy that would make it better acceptable to society, avoiding major accidents, minimizing the accumulation of long-lived nuclear waste, and resistant to nuclear weapon proliferation. The idea is to make use of advances in proton accelerator technology, use an accelerator to drive a new type of nuclear reactor with all the features required for acceptability. It is a clear example of technology transfer from CERN to society at large.”

If you want to know more, make sure you are registered for Second Collisions and get ready to discover Jean-Pierre’s story alongside other inspiring speakers! “It would be great if many more of our former colleagues would join us, as they can really make a difference, because they carry with them unique scientific and technical experience acquired during their professional career at CERN. By participating in the event, they will learn that there is the possibility to do exciting things after retirement from CERN. In some case they will also have an opportunity to reconnect with some of their former colleagues. “ 

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